Totally free to your golf club, nothing to pay.

  • Stabilise your electricity prices for the next 25 years at no upfront cost to you.
  • Lowers your current energy bills.
  • Potentially a substantial cashback on utility overpayments from the past 6 years.
  • Provides Energy management recommendations.
  • Reduces the reliance on the national grid.
  •  Diversification of energy supply which, in turn, contributes towards the sustainable procurement of green energy and a greater control of costs.
  • Vastly reduces your C02 output striving towards net Zero.
  • A positive contribution towards corporate social responsibility.
  • Provides an up-to-date Commercial EPC.

Increases the EPC rating of your commercial building, in turn adding value.

How to get your golf club as close to net Zero as possible whilst lowering your overheads and gaining a sizable cashback*

You’ve all no doubt heard about the Carbon zero reduction. Net Zero is essentially removing more carbon from the way you conduct your business than you emit.

We have created an in-depth process that ensues you gain a detailed understanding of what you can do to achieve this and will provide you the funds to do so.

No outlay, no cost, just savings and cash back to your golf club.

Your report will detail savings that can be made on items such as heating, power generation with Solar PV. Insulation, lighting, use of energy and so on.

A typical solution may involve fitting Solar PV to your roof, adding Electric charging points for your customers and buggies, providing solar hot water.

How does it work?

1. We essentially look to fund a series of upgrades to your property at no cost to you.

By conducting a Carbon Zero audit we can establish what your current C02 emissions are. By adding renewable technologies such as the following, we can reduce significantly your C02 output.

  • Solar PV to your roof. (Minimum space required 100sqm?)
  • Adding Solar batteries to save what you generate, meaning you consume it all.
  • Assisting with Solar Hot water to heat your showers.
  • Changing your lighting to energy efficient options.
  • Pay as you go Car Charging points for your customers to use.


2. As part of our audit we look in detail at your Gas, Water and Electricity bills. Taking them back from the last 6 years, in most cases we find there has been significant overcharging and we reclaim this for**.

In return we agree a very competitive Kwh price for your energy generated with the Solar PV.

We do have a few primary requirements to qualify.

-Your golf club must have been in the same hands for a minimum of 10 years.

-Be profitable.

-Have free roof space of a minimum of 120 Sqm.

-Be willing to sign a 25-year energy generation offtake agreement.

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*Subject to detailed analysis of your energy consumption
** Energy generation reclaims are conducted on a no win no fee, so it costs nothing to do so. But should we be successful we take 35% of the saving as a commission for doing so.